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White Cloud

November 11th, 2011

Battery Charging Battery Charging 5 star rating
Battery Life Battery Life 5 star rating
Customer Service Customer Service 5 star rating
Durability Durability 5 star rating
Flavor|Taste Flavor|Taste 4 star rating
Look|Appeal Look|Appeal 5 star rating
Overall Rating Overall Rating 4 star rating
Refill Lifetime Refill Lifetime 5 star rating
Responsiveness Responsiveness 5 star rating
Shipping Time Shipping Time 5 star rating
Style|Design Style|Design 5 star rating
Value|Cost Value|Cost 4 star rating

White Cloud E cig Review

White Cloud has been around for a while, however they have made drastic changes to their products and have skyrocketed to the top of the reviews list around the internet because of the popular demand from consumers.  We’ve written several reviews on White Cloud in the past but we had to start from scratch once we heard of just how they have advanced in their technology on their e cigs.

When I first received my starter kit, I was expecting the same product that I got months ago from White Cloud.  Upon actually testing the product I was absolutely amazed.  They had made drastic improvements in all aspects of their product.  For instance, the batteries had magnificent response time and held a charge twice as long as their previous older model.  They released new flavors, that not only lasted longer but tasted better.  Personally, I am a V2 cigs user, but if I was to ever change, I would move over to White Cloud indefinitely.

Starter Kits

Cirrus I –

The Cirrus I stater kit comes with 2 Batteries.  The battery charge last approximately 140 minutes along with an estimated puffs per charge of 180. Which is 280 minutes and 360 puffs per charge for both batteries. Along with the batteries you also receive a USB charger and 5 SmoothDraw cartridges, including a standard 6 month warranty for the one-time cost of $159.00.

We’ve ordered and tested this kit.  The Cirrus I makes an excellent starter kit for anyone new or wanting to switch brands of electronic cigarettes.  The reason why is because the absolute quality of the Cirrus I by-far passes the quality of any other e cig on the market.  I simply cannot believe how extraordinary the White Cloud e cigs are.

Cirrus II –

The Cirrus II starter kit comes with 2 batteries that are much smaller in size than the Cirrus I kit.  This is their micro version of it’s original kit.  The batteries are a little more lightweight and are more comfortable for the average consumer than that of any other battery from any other e-cigarette company that we’ve reviewed so far.  The 2 batteries included in the Cirrus II each have a charge time of about 90 minutes, that allows you to have up to 280 puffs per charge, which in turn means that for both the batteries you get about 180 charge time along with 560 puffs for both within the charge time before you will have to recharge again.

Along with the Cirrus II you get a USB charger so that you can charge your battery from your PC at home or at work.  Also you will receive 5 SmoothDraw cartridges and a 6 Month Standard White Cloud company warranty for the product.

The Cirrus II is priced at $249, but once you use it – you’ll definitely know that you have made a perfect investment.  This is however a one-time purchase, and the refills for the cartridges I have priced below in the Refills category.

Cirrus 3 –

The Cirrus 3 starter kit absolute blew my mind.  The Cirrus 3 when I received it and seen everything that I just got I went insane.  The Cirrus 3 is an amazing and revolutionary change in the electronic cigarette world.  The batteries where extremely light, and about the length of a traditional cigarette.  I was amazed!  This is what the world of electronic cigarettes needed to attain, and White Cloud has surpassed the technology with this kit.

Cirrus 3 comes with 3 batteries, 1 USB charger, 1 AC adapter, 5 SmoothDraw cartridges along with a 6 month warranty.  The cirrus 3 batteries have the shortest recharge time of any electronic cigarette that I have ever seen.  You can recharge the battery in about 60 minutes, and you get about 200 puffs per charge.  This kit is only $50 more than the Cirrus II starter kit, and it absolutely blow is away.  The Cirrus 3  is my #1 choice kit!  You won’t be disappointed.

Cirrus 3X –

The Cirrus 3X comes with 3 batteries that take about 120 minutes to charge.  However, it’s claim to fame is that the battery charge lasts so long – at a whopping 600 puffs per charge. So if you charge up all 3 of your Cirrus 3X batteries you can get up to 1800 puffs before you need to recharge again.  Quite amazing really.  This kit also comes with 1 ChargeBolt USB charger, an AC adapter, 5 SmoothDraw cartridges, a 2 year premium warranty, $25 off coupon on web order all at the price of $349.

Refills and Cartomizers

All refill cartridges come in packs of 5 and are equivalent to a carton of traditional smokes as far as how long they last.  Which is a magnificent value because the price of the Refills are $19.95.  You can choose your refills by flavor:

Regular Flavor –  These have the distinct taste of a traditional smoke.  Just the taste will keep you satisfied.

Menthol Flavor – If you enjoy your menthol, then you’ll love this company’s blend of the menthol cartridges.

Vanilla Flavor –  I personally am not much for Vanilla flavored anything, but the taste of their Vanilla flavored cartridges are quite exquisite.

Espresso Flavor – I am a coffee fan! There are several ecig brands that do the coffee flavor and I find them all truly amazing equally.

Chocolate Flavored – The chocolate flavor is like a burst of sweet-milk-chocolate deliciousness.  One of my personal favorites from this brand.

Clove Flavored – If you are a Clove Cigarette smoker then you’ll absolutely love this flavor.

Strawberry Flavored – Wonderfully brilliant strawberry taste.

Kick Flavored – a taste of honey and a full on rush of cinnamon makes the Kick a very enjoyable flavor!

The strengths offered by White Cloud range from Zero Nicotine to Full Strength, in between are Light and Ultra Light – this makes it distinctly easier to know which strength is perfect for you.

With all of these flavors, one thing I really likeis that they are catering to all of the users of traditional cigarettes.  There are smokers that love exotic flavors, there are smokers that love traditional tobacco flavors, and there are smokers that love their clove cigarettes.  This e-cigarette brand has made it clear that they are ready to accommodate all users to their products.

Having a higher price for their starter kits, this is definitely a drawback for most people.  However, their product is top-of-the-line and extremely high-quality.  Also, once you purchase the kit you can still find a lot of savings with their SmoothDraw cartomizers as a cost comparison toward the common cigarette brands.