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February 6th, 2012

Battery Charging Battery Charging 4 star rating
Battery Life Battery Life 5 star rating
Customer Service Customer Service 5 star rating
Durability Durability 5 star rating
Flavor|Taste Flavor|Taste 4 star rating
Look|Appeal Look|Appeal 4 star rating
Overall Rating Overall Rating 5 star rating
Refill Lifetime Refill Lifetime 4 star rating
Responsiveness Responsiveness 4 star rating
Shipping Time Shipping Time 5 star rating
Style|Design Style|Design 4 star rating
Value|Cost Value|Cost 5 star rating

Overall Rating

I’m giving our SmokeTip Review an overall rating of 4-stars because of their products design, best value, durability, responsiveness, style, look, and company standards such as customer service and estimated shipping time. Overall, they make a fairly decent e-cig with great taste and an overall price range that will keep you saving money each and every single month of the year. Which is one of the top reasons why I like this brand.  They have made their starter kits affordable without sacrificing quality in doing so.  Which is another thing I notice a lot of the visitors to our site write us about when it comes to smoketip.

SmokeTip is an electronic cigarette brand that has a large consumer base that only continues to grow.  Their ecigs are the two-part system (cartomizer and battery) that delivers a rich amount of nicotine vapor with each draw. There is really nothing real sleek about their design because they keep it simple.  But their technology is right on par with most of the brands on our main review list.  They are manufacturing a high-quality product and their customers seem quite satisfied.

When I first tried smoketip I really thought that they had a really nice tasting tobacco flavor.  With other brands this is something that seemed to be off, but with smoketip it really tastes like tobacco.  Now if you love the taste of tobacco then this e-cigarette is for you, but lately I’ve really been getting into these crazy different flavors that other companies have made available.

Their kits begin at the low price of $59.95, and I must state here that what you get for that price is a steal.  Other electronic cigarette brands do not offer everything you get with this package. So, what exactly do you get with SmokeTip’s starter kit? You get: 2 Rechargeable Lithium Batteries, 6 Disposable Flavor cartridges, 1 Wall charger, 1 USB charger, instruction card for details of usage and a gift box packaging.  The batteries that we received had a slight charge upon arrival, and it was a pleasure to use the product as soon as it arrived.  Smoketip has a really awesome product for the price, which is a little below par against the competition.

Flavors and Refill Strengths

Regular Flavor: This is the traditional cigarette flavor, which actually taste extremely good. This is the one that when I first tasted it I absolutely loved the richness, the boldness that I was tasting.

Menthol Flavor: The traditional menthol flavoring has an excellent taste. It truly tastes and feels just like a real menthol cigarette, without all of those harmful ingredients of course.

The strengths that they offer for their cartomizers are: 16mg refills, which is an equivalent to a traditional full-flavored cigarette; The 12mg strength, which is equivalent to the Light variety of a traditional cigarette, and of course 6mg strength refill which is equivalent to an Ultra Light strength of a traditional cigarette.

Battery choices and Life Expectancy

Like most of the competition, this brand offers a small variety of batteries for your non-smoking pleasure.  The batteries are very durable and high-quality, each battery emits an LED light of various colors when you take a draw.  The LED light just signifies the responsiveness from the battery, that shows that the atomizer is vaporizing the nicotine in the cartridge when you begin your pull from the ecig.

Their varieties are a choice of either:

  • white battery: Emits an orange glow when taking a draw
  • black battery: Emits a blue glow when taking a draw
  • Chrome battery: Emits a blue glow when taking a draw

The batteries seemed to hold an extensive charge over most of the competition.  When we tested the charge on the batteries, they seemed to last for about 32 to 36 hours.  So if your going on a small road trip, you’ll only need to stop and charge every day and a half or so.

Shipping Time and Customer Service

SmokeTip offers free shipping to their customers, which is incredible considering the low price of their product. The shipping time is within just a few business days to most areas.  The product showed up a little earlier than expected for me, and their packaging was excellent.

This brand has a wonderful and very helpful customer support staff that is readily available to help you with any questions or concerns you have about their electronic cigarette, accessories or  refills.