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Smoke 51

May 16th, 2011

Battery Charging Battery Charging 3 star rating
Battery Life Battery Life 3 star rating
Customer Service Customer Service 4 star rating
Durability Durability 4 star rating
Flavor|Taste Flavor|Taste 4 star rating
Look|Appeal Look|Appeal 4 star rating
Overall Rating Overall Rating 3 star rating
Refill Lifetime Refill Lifetime 3 star rating
Responsiveness Responsiveness 4 star rating
Shipping Time Shipping Time 3 star rating
Style|Design Style|Design 3 star rating
Value|Cost Value|Cost 4 star rating

Smoke 51 Overall Rating

Our Top Rated E-Cigarette Review List staff is proud to present Smoke 51 into our top line-up for electronic cigarettes listings that are the best and highest rated among consumers. Smoke 51 has an ultimate product in their e-cig. Their refills are long-lasting and great tasting. The responsiveness from their batteries are superior and amazing. My first draw, I was astounded. I knew that my overall rating lineup was about to change.

Smoke 51 offers two different choices in flavors and strengths for their electronic cigarette. Their flavors are tobacco and menthol. The variety of strengths for their electronic cigarette range from 0mg to 16mg of nicotine. The milligrams of nicotine offered by smoke 51 are 0mg, 4mg, 6mg, 8mg, 12mg, and 16mg.  Do not allow yourself to be confused by the milligrams of nicotine, as we will break down exactly which milligram means exactly as far as strength is concerned.

The Smoke 51 cartomizers allow you to not only transition away from the traditional cigarette but they also allow you to gradually step down your nicotine intake so that you can quit smoking altogether. Which makes them one of the best e-cigarette brands on our list, and in the minds of the consumers. Our Smoke 51 Review was one of the ones that most consumers that visited our site ranked as #3 on our the top 10 overall rated electronic cigarette reviews.


Smoke 51 Starter Kits

Smoke 51 offers two different style of starter kits.  You can choose between the Smoke 51 Duo Starter Kit and the Smoke 51 Trio Starter Kit.

Smoke 51 Duo Starter Kit – offers the patented two part technology, which is the electronic cigarette style battery and the atomizer cartridges.  The cartridges consist of the atomizer and the refill filters which contain the liquid nicotine.  This setup is best known as the cartomizer, which is a disposable device that is thrown away after the nicotine is gone.  This also works best because over time problems can occur with the atomizers, so Smoke 51 started making their Duo Starter Kits to offer the cartomizers to do away with the problematic atomizers, and by making them disposable saves the consumer a lot of time and money from having to replace their atomizers.

The Smoke 51 Duo Starter Kit comes in a gold foil embossed hard shell box with the magnetic closing device attached into the lid.  The Duo Starter Kit comes with everything that you need to get started enjoying the Smoke 51 electronic cigarette which such items as:

  • Up to two rechargeable lithium ion electronic cigarette batteries
  • Two cartomizers of flavors and strengths of your choice.
  • The Smoke 51 standard wall charger and power cable for recharging your electronic cigarette
  • A club 51 membership card
  • The Smoke 51 user manual

Smoke 51 Trio Starter Kit – offers the three part electronic cigarette technology that consists of the Smoke 51 standard electronic cigarette battery, Smoke 51 atomizer, and the Smoke 51 refill cartridge.  The trio offers the atomizer as a separate device from the refill cartridge.  As stated above, this used to cause problems in older models were the atomizer would eventually wear, and have to be replaced.  However, Smoke 51 has a new enhanced separate atomizer model that was designed to not wear as quickly as the older models.

The Smoke 51 Trio Starter Kit also comes in a gold foil embossed hard shell box with the magnetic closing device attached into the lid.  The Trio Starter kit includes all that you need to begin enjoying the Smoke 51 electronic cigarette with the following items included:

  • Up to two rechargeable lithium ion electronic cigarette batteries
  • Atomizer as a separate device
  • Choice of refills
  • The Smoke 51 club membership card
  • Smoke 51 User Manual

Smoke 51 Refill Cartridges and Cartomizers

Smoke 51 doesn’t offer the wide range of flavors that most other electronic cigarette brands offer, however, they do have the original tobacco flavor and the original menthol flavor.  Both flavors have a unique taste apart from the other ecig brands on the market.  Smoke 51 does however offer a range of strengths for their cartomizers and refill cartridges.  The strengths offered are:

  • 16mg Nicotine – Much like smoking the full-flavored variety traditional cigarette
  • 12mg Nicotine – Much like smoking the medium-flavored traditional cigarette
  • 8mg Nicotine – Much like smoking the Light variation traditional cigarette
  • 6mg Nicotine –  Much like smoking the Light variation traditional cigarette, but a little milder than the 8mg
  • 4mg Nicotine – Much like smoking the Ultra Light variation traditional cigarette
  • 0mg Nicotine

Smoke 51 Quality

Smoke 51 offer a high-quality electronic cigarette.  The consumer panel that drives the rankings on our site, all agreed that Smoke 51 has a remarkable product, but most of the consumers remarked that how they would like to see the addition of flavors for their refill cartridge and cartomizers that they offer.  We actually have a few consumers that have ranked Smoke 51 as number 1 on our reviews list, and they continue to use Smoke 51 products day-in and day-out.