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June 17th, 2011

Battery Charging Battery Charging 3 star rating
Battery Life Battery Life 4 star rating
Customer Service Customer Service 4 star rating
Durability Durability 4 star rating
Flavor|Taste Flavor|Taste 4 star rating
Look|Appeal Look|Appeal 4 star rating
Overall Rating Overall Rating 4 star rating
Refill Lifetime Refill Lifetime 4 star rating
Responsiveness Responsiveness 4 star rating
Shipping Time Shipping Time 5 star rating
Style|Design Style|Design 4 star rating
Value|Cost Value|Cost 4 star rating

Prosmoke Review

Many prosmoke consumers have requested us to re-evaluate their ecigs, and we’ve found that they are indeed the top of its class. ProSmoke has made some excellent upgrades to their ecig products, refills and accessories and we feel that they definitely deserve to be on our top list of our e-cigarette reviews.

The value versus cost associated with the ProSmoke electronic cigarette, is absolutely amazing. With their starter kits, at the cost of $59.99 + shipping charges, you receive 2 longlife lithium smart batteries which have amazing responsiveness by the way. You also get 5 cartridges with the flavor of your choice, 1 atomizer, a Wall charger, a USB charger, their custom e-cigarette box, and a users manual.

Flavors and Strengths

ProSmoke offers a wide variety of flavors and strengths. Their flavors include Classic Tobacco, which I personally think is their best flavor, it tastes excellent. Prosmoke also offers Vanilla flavor, very cherry, magnificent menthol, coffee jolt and chocolate indulgence. As far as the strengths of the refills, they offer – 0mg of nicotine strength, for those that want to actually cut-down their nicotine intake completely. They offer a 9mg cartridge, which is actually what I consider as the equivalent to an ultra-light as far as the nicotine intake and taste are concerned. The 12mg refill strength is much like the medium series, also the 18 mg is a little stronger and provides more nicotine to the user, which I think is a lot more like smoking a light. They also offer a 25mg, which is practically like a full-flavored cigarette, and also a 28mg which is a little stronger than the 25mg series.

These strengths that they offer certainly varies depending on your current nicotine intake, so if you are a full-flavored cigarette smoker, I would actually recommend the Super Extra High (28mg) refill strength. If you are interested in quitting smoking traditional cigarette, and switching to the electronic cigarette, I would recommend stepping down your nicotine intake.

How long do their refills last? Well, when I first got my kit, I used the same refill for a little over a day. It seemed that they have a high-quality product and that they have put a lot of time and effort into developing a product that consumers would want. So at the price range, you’ll definitely save a lot of money switching from smoking a traditional cigarette to using their electronic cigarette.


Batteries and Responsiveness

They probably have the highest quality batteries that I have ever reviewed. The batteries are extremely durable and feel like extreme high quality. The batteries hold a magnificent charge, and seems to last forever. I charged my battery when I first received my kit for about 3 hours, and then I whipped on a refill and puffed away for a little over a day before I had to recharge the battery.

The responsiveness of these batteries are very instantaneous. As soon as you start taking a pull from the ecig, you’ll instantly taste and feel the vapor. Not many of the other electronic cigarette brands can sport this claim to fame, but Prosmoke is definitely one of the electronic cigarette brands that have the real thing going on with their batteries, their kits and their products in general.

The batteries also come in two different colors, which you can choose when checking out on their website. They offer a white battery and a black battery. A lot of people (consumers) seem to prefer the white battery because of the authentic look and appeal of a real cigarette, however, these little black batteries are very sleek and stylish in design and have a very nice appeal.

Quality and Style

Overall, the quality of their electronic cigarette seems to be perfect in design. We’ve tested the product thoroughly before doing our personal review for a few weeks, and we haven’t found a single problem with their products, nor have we heard anything negative from the panel of consumers that we have had to review their products. Their e-cigs seems very durable, and the pieces fit together very well to produce a no-leak system which a lot of other brands (that we do not endorse on this site) have as a product. Having no holes in the design of the e-cig makes for a high-quality product, that leaves no seepage of air to burn through the electronic cigarette as you take your draw in. All you receive is high-quality vapor!