Electronic Cigarette Affiliate Programs

December 27th, 2012

Earn money promoting electronic cigarettes online. The electronic cigarette brands below all offer affiliate programs, or referral programs of some type. Signing up is simple, then just pass your link off to your friends, family, in emails or put them on your facebook page, tweet your links, or put your electronic cigarette affiliate link on your website if you own one and let the money start pouring in. For each sale you refer to the electronic cigarette affiliate program, you will receive a percentage (based on the electronic cigarette brand) of that purchase. It’s an excellent way to spread the word about electronic cigarettes and make a few bucks at the same time.

The following links will take you to the electronic cigarette affiliate programs for the company:

V2 Cigs Affiliate Program
V2 Cigs Affiliate Programv2 cigs affiliate program V2 Cigs, the leader in electronic cigarettes online offers up to 25% commissions in their multi-tiered affiliate network, by just spreading the word about their products. V2 Cigs offers the best in electronic cigarettes and is a supreme leader in customer support. By referring sales to V2 you are backing the statement that they are the absolute best electronic cigarette brand in the world.

Blu Cigs Affiliate Program
Blu Cigs Affiliate Programblu cigs affiliate program Join the company that stays on the leading edge of sleekness and design. Blu cigs has become a huge name among electronic cigarette users and has an enormous fan-base. Blu cigs starts out at a smaller payout, but will move you into a higher commission rate based upon the amount of volume that you send them per month. Blu cigs also offers tiered commissions.

South Beach Smoke Affiliate Program
South Beach Smoke Affiliate ProgramSouth Beach Smoke Affiliate Program South Beach Smoke shouldn’t be listed 2nd or 3rd, and should actually tie for first – perhaps in a perfect world. South beach smoke offers very competitive commissions rates based upon placement. South Beach Smoke has a product that you would definitely want to turn your friends on to. My recommendation, earn a paycheck with south beach smoke today.

SmokeTip Affiliate Program
SmokeTip Affiliate Programsmoketip affiliate program SmokeTip has become a large contender in the world of electronic cigarettes. They have on of the best e-cigarette devices on the market and they are steadily making improvements. Joining forces with smoketip means providing your friends, family and visitors to your website with one of the best electronic cigarette devices in the world.

Luci Affiliate Program
Luci E-Cigarette Affiliate Programclick here to signup to the luci affiliate program Luci E-Cigarettes has premium products along with excellent customer service and support. Their website has a decent conversion rate and excellent customer retention. Make a little extra cash helping the lives of others, join the Luci E-Cigarette Affiliate Program today!

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