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Blu Cigs

February 6th, 2012

Battery Charging Battery Charging 5 star rating
Battery Life Battery Life 5 star rating
Customer Service Customer Service 4 star rating
Durability Durability 4 star rating
Flavor|Taste Flavor|Taste 4 star rating
Look|Appeal Look|Appeal 5 star rating
Overall Rating Overall Rating 3 star rating
Refill Lifetime Refill Lifetime 4 star rating
Responsiveness Responsiveness 4 star rating
Shipping Time Shipping Time 4 star rating
Style|Design Style|Design 5 star rating
Value|Cost Value|Cost 4 star rating

Blu Cigs Overall Rating

Blu Cigs is very well-known and quite possibly the most popular brand of electronic cigarettes on the market.  However, a lot of customers have had beefs with Blu cigs because they’ve become so big that they’ve got poor customer relationship skills.  I personally am not quite sure about this, but we get a lot of complaints from our visitors that were old customers of blu cigs.  As far as my personal experience with Blu, I think they have a nice product, but nothing really to sing from atop a mountain about.  Their batteries don’t seem to have quite the responsiveness that other e-cigs brands have achieved and their flavors just don’t appeal to me at all.  No one on our staff personally uses Blu Cigs, but they are on our list because our visitors keep them there, mostly they are new users to electronic cigarettes altogether and blu cigs has develop their brand name quite well on the market.

Blu Cig’s has a decent taste and feel to them in both quality and design. And even when you take a draw from the Blu Cig, you know immediately that you have a higher quality e-cig than those from the local drugstores and convenient marts, even though Blu cigs can be found in most Walgreens stores, but even those kits seem to be the generic version of their online product line. Blu Cigs remains among the top rated electronic cigarette brand on our “best of” review list and also among consumer reviews.

Blu Cigs Cost and Value

Blu Cigs cost and value ratio is actually quite superior which is why we chose to review them in the first place. Their product cost for their starter kits is set at a reasonable, yet quite modest $69.95. The value of the kit is what we found to be the most exceptional. The starter kit has two varieties to choose from, either a Black starter kit, with black batteries and a black blu cig case, or a white starter kit which has white batteries with a white case.

Blu cigs gives you a blu pack, which holds 5 cartridges and allows you to charge your batteries on the move. So no matter where you go, you can always have a fully charged battery.  Blu cigs was among the first to develop the on-the-go electronic cigarette charger pack. The kit also includes a wall charger, a USB charger for charging through your PC, and a five pack of cartridges in any flavor or strength desired. Which is definitely one reason why Blu Cigs is among the top e-cigarette brands in the world.

Blu Cigs Flavors and Strengths

Flavors include:
Cherry Crush: an excellent cherry taste, hands down the best cherry flavor I have tested during my reviews so far.
Magnificent Menthol: a very satisfying enhanced menthol experience.
Java Jolt: a unique coffee flavor, which I found exceptional. You can experience the satisfying taste of coffee instead of the traditional cigarette flavors that most electronic cigarette brands only carry.
Classic Tobacco: Very traditional blend, I very much enjoyed the taste. Probably my favorite. But it does tie with our #1 brand listed on our electronic cigarette reviews.  Blu cigs variation has a more classic blend that has an exceptional taste.

Strengths include:
Full Flavored: Nice and stout.  This strength is geared for the full-flavored traditional cigarette smoker.
Light: Just like the real thing!
Ultra Light: A little weak for me personally, but if you are cutting back on smoking or are used to an ultra light traditional cigarette then it may be right for you.
Non-Nicotine: 0mg of nicotine are delivered to you from the device. Best for the smoker that desires to quit their nicotine intake. Still has a nice taste though.

Blu Cigs Battery Choices and Life Expectancy

Blu Cigs starter kits come with your choice of either a black or white batteries. I have no real preference. Sometimes I enjoy having a white battery because of the actual real smoking appeal, however, I do enjoy having a black battery – just because it looks sleek. The quality of the batteries that blu cig make are awesome. They feel and perform at high quality, and when you take a pull off your e-cig, the responsiveness is extremely sensitive.  Which means that the atomizer inside the ecig begins working immediately so that you get a full-vapor experience.

The battery lifetime of the blu cig has so far has been great. I keep mine charges at all times because I never want to be left without, but I went for 2 weeks without charging mine, because I was testing these other products. And when I went back to the blu cig, the battery still had plenty of juice. Now I thought that was amazing! Among consumer reviews Blu Cigs initially ranked #2 on our electronic cigarette reviews. When asked most consumers mentioned about how responsive and how their batteries provide a long life, and the great taste of their refill cartridges.

Blu Cigs Shipping Time and Customer Service

Blu Cigs has wonderful shipping time, or at least for mine they did. Which I thought was excellent. The blu cigs package actually showed up the day before I even expected it to arrive. Blu cigs has customer support that should always available to answer all your questions, and concerns.

Also, I need to briefly mention here – Blu cigs offers a full 30-day money back guarantee on their product.