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December 27th, 2012

A little bit about us here at Best Electronic Cigarette Reviews —

First of all, we want to welcome the visitors to our Best Electronic Cigarette Reviews website – where we eliminate the lower end models of electronic cigarettes and only show you the best electronic cigarettes along with our full detail reviews and the reviews of the consumers that have also tried the products of these brands.  We have a small panel of people that also test, review and personally rank each e-cigarette that we test, and they also weigh in on our full-detailed review.

We believe that electronic cigarettes are an important factor in the way the world will continue vaping instead of smoking.  It’s a bold statement, but a lot of smokers have found refuge with electronic cigarettes.  It’s important to remember that with e-cigs there is a complete world of difference between it and its counterpart.

We continue to strive to allow any of our visitors to personally fill a comment beside their favorite electric cigarette.  Many other visitors that come to our site will definitely find your comments and experiences very useful when it is posted beneath the brands that you have tried – along with your personal views on their products.  This creates a system in which a user can see the brand from a favorable and unfavorable side.  So we urge you to please come back to our site and leave a review on what your thoughts are about the product in which you purchased.

Remember – the electronic cigarette brands that you see on our site, are only the best electronic cigarettes that have the highest quality and performance.  These ecig brands are based on high consumer reviews that we research and then write reviews on.  If you do not see a brand on our list, then it can mean that we either never tried that brand, or that we tried the brand and it failed to pass the basic or extended testing that we conclude in our reviewing process.

We appreciate your visit and we wish you all happy vaping!

Michael Rawlings

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